Wrestle Kingdom 12 to be Shown on US PPV?


As per the Wrestling Observer, there are several talents currently booked on the card for January 4th’s Wrestle Kingdom show that are actively pushing for the event to be shown on Pay Per View in the United States.

Chris Jericho is one of the proponents for a PPV option however there is some resistance within New Japan. NJPW World will be showing the event and company heads want the extra hype and press from Jericho’s involvement to boost subscribers for the on demand service. It’s also worth bearing in mind that January 4th will be a weeknight and the timezone difference would mean a start time of around 2am in the US, a potentially tough sell for Pay Per View companies…

Will you be watching on January 4th? Would you like a PPV option or will you be joining/using NJPW World for the event? Let us know in the comments

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