WWE Superstar Shocks UpUpDownDown Madden Tournament


The penultimate match in Round 1 of the 2017 NFL Madden 18 Tournament included a new face to UpUpDownDown, and Seth Rollins should be worried.

Jimmy Uso reached the quarter final stage last year against AJ Styles which resulted in an entertaining match.  The highlights of that game are:

  1. The amount of censorship required in the final minutes to keep Jimmy Uso family friendly.
  2. AJ Styles’ delight in securing outrageous interceptions.

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The Prince of Phenomenal made his way into the SmackDown Live semi finals, to face Jack Swagger, with a 24-17 win over UCE.

Unfortunately for UCE, he didn’t have much luck in this year’s tournament either as he came up against a surprising adversary.  Out of all the superstars, Luke Harper does not spring to mind as someone who would be video game savvy, yet he proved any doubters wrong.

While his in-ring persona suggests that he may not be familiar with electricity, let alone Xbox One or PS4, he is more than capable of taking the challenge to Seth Rollins in the 2017 tournament.  A mixture of good football knowledge and understanding of how to convert that knowledge onto the virtual pitch is exactly what made Seth Rollins The Champ.  However, Luke Harper has proven that he has all those skills too.

What’s even better about this video is the amount of fun that each superstar had; it doesn’t even seem like Harper has missed a beat or bean away at all from SmackDown Live.

Highlight of the match:

Jimmy Uso repeatedly trying to rip his shirt and off and failing.