Chris Jericho Calls Omega His Favorite Feud Over The Past Decade


Former WWE Champion Chris Jericho made an appearance on the Killing The Town podcast to discuss his upcoming Wrestle Kingdom 12 match against IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega. Jericho and Omega have developed, arguably, the hottest storyline in professional wrestling over in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and things really took off during Jericho’s attack on Omega earlier this week on NJPW TV.

Jericho explained in the interview why he thinks it was the greatest moment in his career in the past 10 years. Check out what he had to say here:

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“Here’s my favorite thing about this whole situation,” Jericho said. “So, in this day in age – in 2017 – when you can put together an angle and a storyline and something that’s very buzz-worthy, shall we say, and nobody knew it. And it happened in November, with the video – it was like “oh my gosh Chris Jericho is challenging Kenny Omega.” And here’s my funny thing, so tonight in Fukuoka a video played, Jericho comes out, there was a great piece of business, but everyone’s so surprised. And my thing is, do you really think that Chris Jericho would book a match at The Tokyo Dome and just allow it to be announced?

“Like, I’m not Brock Lesnar, I have to do something to make people excited about it. So to be here tonight and have nobody know what’s going on, it was a rare – like to me this is what wrestling is all about. A surprise nobody saw coming and everybody in wrestling, all the fans, always thing they know what’s going on. And to me that was the most exciting thing. In Tokyo, in Fukuoka, in Japan – all around the world Jericho vs. Omega has now become the most anticipated match in the world today. And I defy you – tell me a match that means more in 2018. Please. Is there one?

“To me, I have – what’s the word I’m looking for – I have a responsibility to the fans to enjoy what Chris Jericho does. To always keep them guessing. That’s why the entire concept of Jericho vs. Omega intrigued me. Because nobody thought it could happen. And I’m comparing it to Mayweather-McGregor, obviously it’s not the same as buy rates or monument- whatever, point is they never thought that match could happen. And that’s what I always loved about that match. And honestly, let’s give credit where credit is due, Don Callis, who is standing with me right now, pitched it to me in June, “Hey Chris (laughs), what do you think about this (laughs), Jericho vs. Omega (laughs).” But I didn’t laugh.

“It to me was like “wow.” This is a match that nobody ever thought was going to happen and that intrigued me. You don’t wrestle unless something intrigues you. And me too. I could take it or leave it at this point. But Jericho vs. Omega, in the Tokyo Dome in Japan. Wow! That’s intriguing. Because if it was Jericho vs. Omega at WrestleMania, that’s cool, but this is different. It’s in this mythical, magical, world of Japan. Nobody even really knows what it’s all about. And nobody thought this match would happen. So the fact that we made it, and actually promoted it, and there was a video in Osaka – wow it’s crazy! Okay, good.

“The match is made. Tokyo Dome January 4th blah blah blah blah. But then tonight, wow. We took it to a different level. Because to me, that means more – what adds more intrigue to Jericho vs. Omega? If there is tell me. And that’s fine if there is, but that’s what I love about this. Nobody thought it would happen, nobody saw it coming, and now that it’s happening it blows away anything else that’s on the table in any company around the world. And when this was signed, sealed, delivered, back in September or whatever it was, from the star it was – Okay, my idea was we’ll play a video and name the city. Osaka, great.

“Play another video, and lets do the most basic of wrestling angles: lights go off, lights go on – there’s Jericho, boom! And let’s do something that never been seen in the last 10 years, because we can’t do that anymore in WWE. You’re not allowed to get color. But anybody that’s in the business knows that when you get the color it takes things to another level. Cause we’re not allowed to do that anymore, that puts it in a completely different universe.

“And then to see that actual color. The crimson mask, dude that was, to me, the greatest moment in my career for the last 10 years. Because it was real and it adds to the whole drama. And we’re not allowed to do that in the world I come from. And tonight was a real money making angle. And tonight I said to the boss of New Japan, who used to be my Tag Team partner, I said “we sold tickets tonight.” And that’s a good feeling man. It’s a great feeling.”