Cody on When 10,000 Seat Arena Location Will Be Announced


Cody (Rhodes) spoke with ESPN yesterday and confirmed the Bullet Club will be making an announcement in 2 weeks regarding the location of their self-financed show.

“We’ll have a date and a place within two weeks. That’s why I went ahead and commented on the original story, because it’s far enough along in the process that people need to know it’s happening. I was confident enough to say let’s do it. Matt and Nick were confident enough to say let’s do it, but this is something that hasn’t been done. A lot of things have to happen. I think I’m most excited about the creation process. Putting this together with those two guys myself. Some of the stuff that we’ve already got on board — not talent-based, but as far as people who are involved with this and people who have put some confidence in us, it’s just crazy.” — Cody [Rhodes], to’s Michael Wonsover.

Possible Locations for “All In”

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Locations talked about for the event include San Francisco, Ontario CA, London, Toronto, and Chicago.