Kurt Angle Talks Jason Jordan Storyline


Kurt Angle recently appeared on CBS Sports’ podcast, “In This Corner”, and spoke about his current storyline with Jason Jordan. Angle also discussed how Vince McMahon felt fans would feel about the angle.

Kurt Angle Interview Highlights

On Jason Jordan’s ability:

“I knew Jason had the ability to do it. I didn’t know if he would have the ability to carry the storyline,” Angle said. “I knew what he could do in the ring. I wasn’t concerned about the fans saying, ‘Oh man, this guy is actually pretty damn good.’ We already knew that, and we were hoping that his character was [on the same level].”

On how Vince though fans would react:

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“You know what’s crazy? Everything that the fans have gone through the last three or four months, most of the fans can’t stand him,” Angle said. “A lot of the fans are saying, ‘He’s getting the wrong kind of heat because we really don’t like him for real.’

“Everything that has occurred up until now, Vince [McMahon] already knew how they were going to react, so this has been working. As many fans will say ‘it’s not working’ and ‘get rid of him’ or ‘I’m not buying it,’ now that the storyline has started to span out and developing further, it was a good fit. Jason is doing a great job, and he has carried the storyline very well. We will see where it goes from here but it should be pretty intriguing.”

On where the angle is going:

“It’s going to be a pretty cool storyline, and I think a lot of fans are going to say, ‘You know what? This kid deserves to be in the main event level.’

“[Jordan] is developing every single week. He’s getting better and better, and his promos and pre-tapes are getting better and better. His in-ring ability — I said this before and I will say it again — he has got to be in the top three or the top five in-ring performers from an athletic standpoint right now today. A lot of people would disagree with me but continue to watch him and see what he can do and you will see what I’m talking about here in the future.”

The full podcast can be listened to here.