Matt Cappotelli Brain Cancer Update


A story out of WDRB in Louisville, KY today has provided an update on Tough Enough Season 3 winner, Matt Cappotelli.

Cappotelli was first diagnosed with brain cancer in 2007. He had the tumor removed and was cancer-free up until earlier this year. Cappotelli announced this summer that he was undergoing emergency surgery due to a second and more deadly brain tumor. According to today’s report from WDRB, Cappotelli’s condition is terminal.

Matt Cappotelli’s Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

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Doctors were only able to remove 90% of the new tumor. The other 10% is located next to brain stem and considered inoperable. According to today’s report, Cappotelli’s situation is terminal and doctors have said only 5% of people with this cancer survive 5 years.

A GoFundMe account has been created for him.