NJPW Star Questions Money Driven Superstars


Among the many talents currently in NJPW, Will Ospreay features as a young British professional wrestler who consistently puts on entertaining and high quality matches outside WWE.

If you’re unaware, check out The Aerial Assassin’s match up against Kushida:


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In the last few hours though, Ospreay has featured on Twitter with a picture that highlights why he may be able to produce such fantastic spectacles.

Will Ospreay suggests that money isn’t everything in the world of sports entertainment, which comes across as a veiled criticism to those who appear to “sell-out” by joining the number company in professional wrestling – WWE.  Ospreay implies that good wrestling comes from those who are happy, not necessarily rich.

An example of this might be Dolph Ziggler who has recently spoken out about his role in WWE.

Of course The Aerial Assassin isn’t stupid; the tweet is suggestive and extreme general, therefore any connection made is pure speculation, but it’s not too hard for onlookers to connect the dots.

But this doesn’t mean that Will Ospreay won’t eventually move on to the company, it is merely a comment on his lifestyle choices between happiness and money.  He also posted this tweet:

As of writing, there have been no responses by WWE superstars.