Original RAW Intro With Current Superstars (Video)


WWE have released a promotional video ahead of the 25th anniversary of their Monday night show, RAW.  The video features the retro RAW intro with an updated roster to maximize nostalgia and open the door for younger fans to experience a part of what WWE was like 25 years ago.

Compare that to the current RAW intro video and, call me old fashioned, I think I prefer the old one!

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The special edition of the show is set to take place on 22nd January at the location of the very first episode of RAW in Manhattan.  The anniversary show will feature WWE Superstars past and present, but will be the third “historic” show in less than a month as RAW also aired on Christmas Day and New Years Day for the first time ever this year.

Add that to the Royal Rumble on 28th January, and it’s looking like a pretty full on month for the red brand; not to mention the following RAW ppv Elimination Chamber on the 25th of February.  If you’re not a fan of the RAW roster or the longer slot that it holds, the first part of 2018 could be quite painful and slow.

However, WWE will be sure to cash in on the nostalgia kicks on the RAW anniversary, with potential implications for the Royal Rumble on the following Sunday.  The upside of having so many RAW shows: WWE have to keep things fresh and entertaining to boost or maintain good numbers in case it becomes stale and repetitive.  Surely?


Don’t forget, WWE announced that there wouldn’t be any Superstar Shakeups in 2017.  If they wanted to set up any matches for WrestleMania, now is the time put things in place, otherwise there won’t be another draft until after the main event of 2018.


Here is a collection of intros from 2002-2006 for extra nostalgia, or just to make you cringe.