Ric Flair Wants Charlotte to Turn Heel


Ric Flair recently spoke with the Daily Star and indicated he wants his daughter to turn heel. He also commented on how he believes Charlotte is already the greatest women’s wrestler of all-time.

Ric Flair Interview Highlights

On Charlotte being the greatest:

“She (Charlotte) already is the greatest, by far. I don’t know who to compare her to.”

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“That’s just my opinion and I’m biased but I’m also a guy that’s qualified to make that remark so let’s say she’s not my daughter and I was the father of another girl I would say to the other girl you better push if you want to be like her.”

“And I have tremendous respect. I think Sasha Banks is off the hook in terms of ability.”

How Sasha Banks, Natalya, and others compare:

“What separates Ashley is her size and her athletic ability. Sasha Banks is every bit of a performer that Ashley is, make no mistake. As are a couple of the other girls – Natalya is fantastic. They’re all good.”

“There’s a fine line between good and great and I just look at her and I’ve known them all.”

On a potential Charlotte Heel Turn:

“I wish they would use her on the other side.”

“I like her when she’s bad. She’s really good at enhancing other people’s work. As a heel she’s really good at that, that’s art in itself.”

The full interview can be read here.