Tetsuya Naito Responds to Kenny Omega’s Claims of Wrestle Kingdom “Double Main Event”


Wrestle Kingdom 12 is set to take place on January 4th from Japan’s legendary Tokyo Dome. There are two matches on the card which have arguably driven more ticket sales and generated the most hype: Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada vs Tetsuya Naito.

Kenny Omega recently spoke to Yahoo Sports in Japan and commented on the buzz surrounding his upcoming match with Chris Jericho. He made mention of the mainstream U.S. appeal of this bout and how it could create a “double main event” feel to the show next to the IWGP World Heavyweight Title match.

Tetsuya Naito also spoke to Yahoo Sports and responded to ‘The Cleaner.’ Naito stated that “One, I’ve been through this. I’ve been called ‘double main event one. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s the semi main event.” Of course alluding to his previous G1 Climax 2013 win wherein he did not go on to main event the next year’s Wrestle Kingdom due to a fan vote.

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He went on to say “Two, if you truly respect that you lost to me, then you don’t need to pull this ‘double main event’ stuff. If anything, cut the crap and say ‘let me be the main event’. Say what you mean. Third, you’re saying the US belt is now number two, not the IC belt. So you and Jericho and Jay White and Tanahashi should be the ‘double semi main event’ then, surely? Maybe the US title match is getting more focus abroad. But who will eyes be on at the Tokyo Dome?”

Credit to Chris Charlton for the translation