The Original Plans For WWE’s Katie Vick Storyline


On a recent episode of former WWE official Bruce Prichard’s podcast, Something To Wrestle With, the WWE‘s Survivor Series 2002 pay-per-view (PPV) was reviewed. During the episode, Prichard discussed the infamous Katie Vick storyline that WWE put on, which is widely considered as one of the worst in the company’s history. For those of you who don’t know, Triple H feuded with Kane and would continuously bring up “The Big Red Machine’s” deceased ex-girlfriend, Katie Vick.

At one point Triple H (dressed as Kane) did a segment in which he snuck into a funeral home where Vick’s body was being held and performed necrophilia on it inside a casket. The segment was done in very poor taste and WWE has removed virtually all references to it from their archives. Prichard revealed that WWE originally had planned to introduce Scott Vick, who was Katie’s storyline brother, into the WWE.

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Scott went by the name “Sick Boy” in WCW, but was later signed to WWE‘s developmental system at the time of the storyline:

“You ever have those moments in your life where there are things that are so traumatic that you block them out entirely? (This) really and truly is one of them on so many different counts. The original idea behind Katie Vick was a way to introduce Scott Vick, who was a part of our developmental system.

“We were going to bring Scott in, and he was going to work with Kane or Triple H, I forget which at this point. Scott just had some really, really horrible dark matches at TV and on the road. When he got the nod to come up to the show, all of his matches from that point going forward just, the bottom fell out. Vince is like ‘What the hell are we doing?”

Apparently Vince McMahon scrapped those plans and the entire storyline was changed:

“So, he changed, and we had already teased the name Katie Vick. So it’s like ‘Ok, let’s change this and move it over to Kane. It can be his girlfriend.’ It was during a time that Vince was big into ‘We need more soap opera, we need more stories behind the characters.’

“So we started creating stories and it came to the story of what if Kane accidentally, didn’t murder her, but was driving and, oh my god, then the drinking and it just grew. It’s another glowing example of ‘Don’t suggest or say things in jest that you don’t want to have show up on the show”