The Reason Two Top 205 Live Stars Have Been Absent From WWE TV


WWE 205 Live fans have been noticing that two of the show’s top stars, Gran Metalik and TJP, have been missing from TV. The pair have missed the weekly program over the past several weeks.

Per a report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, neither TJP or Metalik are injured but the creative team simply doesn’t have anything for them at the moment. The company doesn’t want them to travel around the country to simply not be used and left backstage, so they are currently at home until creative can work them into the mix somehow.

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Both TJP and Metalik are some of the most talented in-ring performers on the 205 Live roster. TJP won the Cruiserweight Classic Tournament and was crowned the new champion of the Cruiserweight Division afterwards. Metalik made it to the finals of the Cruiserweight Tournament but lost out to Perkins in a great match.