WWE Releases 10-Hour YouTube Video Of Woken Matt Laughing


The taped promo shown on RAW last Monday has sparked a resurgence in both Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt.  The two WWE superstars appear perfect for each other as they bounce their insane personalities and gimmicks off each other.

What’s fantastic is the apparent freedom Matt Hardy has with his new WWE persona which he previously portrayed outside the company.  It also looks as though WWE are willing to allow “Woken” Matt Hardy to take over their YouTube channel, which is a promising sign as the previous “Broken” gimmick became so successful due to promos and videos that Hardy put together.

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The latest video follows suit in terms of insanity levels as the WWE YouTube channel released a video entitled: “Woken Matt Hardy laughs for 10 hours straight”

And it is just as creepy and awkward (in a good way) as you’d expect.

Pro Tip: Some people like to play ‘nature sounds’ as they’re drifting to sleep. Waves crashing. Birds chirping. Load up this video tonight as you’re going to bed and if you get a good night’s rest.


WWE and Matt Hardy are doing the right thing by releasing a video of this quality.  To make the most of the opportunity in front of them, they need dive headfirst with this and allow House Hardy to do whatever they want, and this is a great step forward.