WWE Superstars Support Viral Anti-Bullying Video


WWE, and its superstars, have a variety of initiatives and charities that they support and raise money/awareness for.  However on this occasion, individual personalities have caught on to a viral anti-bullying video that features Keaton Jones:

Jones, who is from Knoxville Tennessee, questions the reasons for bullying in a heartfelt message that was recorded by his mother.  Since then, the video has hit social media and gone viral with over 37 million views.

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While it has gathered support and acknowledgement from many celebrities across the globe, including Captain America and Luke Skywalker, WWE superstars have offered their voice and support to Keaton as well:

WWE highlighted the tweets that their superstars put out, as well as their own campaign that was started earlier in the year:

WWE encourages children to treat one another with respect through its Be a STAR campaign. In 2017, WWE started a new collaboration with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to bring a revamped Be a STAR curriculum to all Boys & Girls Clubs across the United States. For more information, visit WWECommunity.com.


While their in ring personalities display anger, jealousy, arrogance, as well as many other negative attitudes, it’s important to remember that this is sports entertainment; and while most adults will be able to discern between what is real and not, a younger audience may assume that acting like Kevin Owens or Baron Corbin is OK.  Therefore it’s vital that superstars support videos and examples like Keaton Jones, promoting positive well-being by breaking kayfabe on social media to do so.