WWE Superstar Confirms His Spot In Royal Rumble


Having put on one of the great matches of the year, John Cena was too preoccupied with AJ Styles to enter the Royal Rumble in 2017.

However 2018 has offered him a fresh opportunity as a free agent.  It has become common place for Superstars and General Managers to use Twitter to reveal key information to the WWE Universe, and today is no different. Cena took to Twitter to publicly announce the beginning of his journey to WrestleMania history before tonight’s episode of RAW.

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While some will be hoping to see Cena clinch that 17th WWE Championship, there are plenty of rumours online that seem to be praying for him to face The Undertaker in April.

One of the supports for those rumours is Dave Meltzer, who suggests that Cena’s WrestleMania opponent will be much bigger than a shot at the WWE Championship against AJ Styles.  Further details have not been given, and we are left to speculate what that could mean for April.

While Cena took on a ‘cameo-like’ role at Survivor Series, it’s clear that WWE have massive plans for him heading into WrestleMania season.  The other side to this rumour is: if Meltzer is saying that John Cena is not AJ Styles‘ opponent at WrestleMania, is the WWE Universe getting their dream AJ Styles VS Shinsuke Nakamura showdown?