Hangman Page Comments On Possibly Having Murdered Joey Ryan


While Hangman Page’s career seems to be skyrocketing, recent events could lead to his downfall. As has been alluded to recently on Being the Elite, there are concerns that Hangman Page is responsible for the disappearance of famous dick-wrestler, Joey Ryan.

He recently sat down with Impact Wrestling and AMBY’s¬†Alicia Atout and spoke about the current allegations against him.

“If (Joey Ryan) is missing forever, I’m kind of fine with that,” Page explained. “But you know, it wasn’t me.”

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Did Hangman Page Murder Joey Ryan?

Atout brought up that Joey Ryan’s wife has been raising concerns about Ryan’s whereabouts. She insinuated some are of the belief Page is responsible for Ryan’s disappearance. She asked Page why he dislikes Ryan so much.

“He was a penis pretender,” Page said. “I’m going to talk about him in the past tense maybe; he’s missing.”

“For years and years he built his whole career off a lie,” Page said regarding Ryan’s emphasis on his genitals. “As if he had a more impressive nether region than I did and it just wasn’t true.”

If Joey Ryan is ever to return, he might want to face Hangman Page on a big show. All-In on September 1st from Chicago seems like a possible time and location for such a match.

Hangman Page on Bullet Club Civil War

Atout also asked Page about the dissension in Bullet Club.

“At this point, it’s just down to Kenny and Cody; Two alpha males who they can’t help but want to call themselves the leader,” Page said. “We’re grown men, I don’t think we need a leader.”

Hangman Page will be in Texas tonight and tomorrow for Ring of Honor’s “State of the Art” tour. His most recent match was at Dominion this weekend. Page teamed with Cody and Marty Scurll to defeat the team of Rey Mysterio Jr, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Jushin “Thunder” Liger. He’ll team with the Young Bucks and Marty Scurll to go up against the Briscoes and KES tonight in San Antonio and then part of an ROH TV title 6-way Proving Ground match in Dallas on Saturday.