Kalisto Shares Story Of Meeting Rey Mysterio For The First Time


In an interview with Steve Austin, Kalisto credits Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio with inspiring him to pursue a career in wrestling.

Kalisto sat down with Stone Cold Steve Austin at 317 Gimmick Street on the latest episode of The Steve Austin Show, and discussed what Eddie and Rey meant to him as he was starting out in the wrestling business.

“Eddie not only made noise in the Latin community, he made noise everywhere. Same with Rey,” Kalisto said. “Eddie and Rey set the world on fire and they made some noise. You know what? That inspired me to actually follow my dream,” he said.

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“Rey, when he won his world title, he did a book signing at my college in Chicago. I met up with him. I was five months in wrestling,” Kalisto said. “When I saw him, I said ‘I’m in the process of being a luchador, I’m learning so much, and you’re a good inspiration.’

Kalisto continued.

“At the time, I didn’t know he was going to win the title. And when I met him, he’s a little shorter than me, and that gave me inspiration. If he could do it, I could do it.”

Kalisto said that he would have loved to have had the opportunity to meet Eddie as well, but that in a sense, he can tap into Guerrero’s knowledge now, through his friendship with Mysterio.

“Rey, right now, he’s giving me so much advice. I told him I wish I could have met Eddie and picked his brain. And he taught Rey so much, and now I’m picking his brain.”

Kalisto also discusses being able to provide inspiration for the next generation, breaking in, his career, and much more. The full interview can be heard below.

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