Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows Pulled From Upcoming Live Appearances


Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows have reportedly been pulled from WWE live appearances.

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows’ status in WWE is in question at the moment. According to a report from PW Insider, Anderson and Gallows have been removed from all WWE live appearances. Some are speculating this could be because the team is reported to have turned down lucrative offers to re-sign with WWE recently.

On the heels of those reports, the Wrestling Observer published a piece last week which reported that Anderson and Gallows were waiting until their contracts were up in September to decide what they are going to do.

“There are a lot of factors in play but what I can say is that they have not decided what their next move is at this point,” wrote Dave Meltzer. “They could stay. They could go.”

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“Many have not signed because they are waiting to see the lay of the land when their deals are up. For Gallows & Anderson, they’ll have a far better idea in September about their next five years than now.”

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Anderson and Gallows’ previous relationship in NJPW with the Young Bucks has led to speculation the tag-team could end up in AEW if they don’t re-sign with WWE. They spoke with journalist Chris Van Vliet recently and gave their thoughts on the new promotion.

“We’re happy for our friends, we think those guys will do great,” Gallows said. “They’ve done great around the world. We wish we could have them here with us but we wish them the best in their new endeavor.”

“Happy for our friends,” Anderson added. “Happy for the industry and I hope everybody succeeds.”