Becky Lynch Sends Message To Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor & Cris Cyborg


WWE RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch recently made an appearance told 106.7 The Fan’s Chad Dukes to talk about a wide range of topics.

During the interview, Lynch wanted to send a message to former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey as well as UFC stars Conor McGregor and Cris Cyborg.

Lynch beat Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to win the titles at WrestleMania 35 in a Winner Take All Match in East Rutherford, NJ at MetLife Stadium on the WWE Network. Regarding Rousey, Lynch praised her for coming into WWE with a lot of equity and she’s an incredibly natural athlete. However, that’s where it stops.

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“But this isn’t her domain, this isn’t what she’s obsessed about for years and years and years. It’s what I have. So, for me, it was a matter of saying, ‘Okay, yeah, you’re naturally gifted. Yeah, you’re born tough. But that’s not nearly as impressive or long-lasting as being made tough.'” Lynch would then add, “So my goal was to take that championship she was holding hostage, and free it and defend it, and give it to somebody – me – who loves this business more than anything.”

Lynch switched her focus to Cyborg, who is a former UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion, due to her expressing her interest in a possible transition to WWE. Lynch would praise her for being another very talented professional in her field and welcomes anyone into wrestling who is going to put in the work but don’t expect to be handed everything.

Lynch added that wrestling and MMA are completely different and not everyone is able to do that.

Finally, McGregor, who is a former UFC Lightweight and Featherweight Champion, teasing to the possibility of him coming to WWE was brought up. Lynch stated that, “if he wants to work for it, by all means. Come on, Conor. I’ll give ya a little bit of training. I’ll show you the ropes.”