Becky Lynch Calls For Ronda Rousey To Come Out Of Retirement


Becky Lynch says she chased Ronda Rousey out of WWE.

Becky Lynch recently took part in an interview with Inside the Ropes in the build-up to tomorrow’s SummerSlam. During the discussion, Lynch reflected on a remarkable year which culminated in a WrestleMania main event and a WWE 2K20 cover.

“Insane. I would say one of the most notable 12 month runs in WWE history. But with that being said and all the things that have been accomplished, the ways that we….or I have changed the game for Women and for the sport in general, I’m constantly just thinking about what’s next, how can I be better, how can I get more intrigue into my stories, how can I get people to care more about the people that I’m fighting about.”

Lynch also spoke in regards to her SummerSlam opponent, Natalya.

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“And look I’ve even done it about Nattie Neidhart, people actually care about Nattie AGAIN, even though she’s one of the greatest wrestlers we have in the division – somehow she’s been forgotten because she let herself be forgotten, because she’s too busy sitting back there trying to get everyone to like her. I’ve proved what can happen when you stand out and say ‘I don’t care about making friends in this business. I care about being number one and I want other people to do that. I want Nattie to do that, I want everyone else to do that because I wanna main event WrestleMania again, I want people to step up to the plate.”

Becky Lynch Calls For Ronda Rousey To Come Out Of Retirement

Naturally, Lynch also spent a portion of the interview discussing her rival, Ronda Rousey.

“Yeah, chased her out of here.  I told her the day after WrestleMania, I told her ‘Look Ronnie ya little weirdo if you ever wanna face me, I’ll be standing here, I’ll be holding this Championship and I’ll be holding the fort down if she ever she comes out of retirement.”

If Rousey does come out of retirement, Lynch believes she’ll have the edge against her.

“But just remember this….I’ve been getting better week after week after week and I’ve already beat ya once so if you wanna come back I think you’re gonna have to spend a few months even a few friggin years in the trenches doin some hard work because I haven’t stopped goin.”

Lynch may have trouble getting Ronda to come out of retirement, however. Rousey is said to be dealing with an outbreak of renegade tables near her property: