Chris Jericho Dismisses Wednesday Night Wars With NXT


Chris Jericho has dismissed the idea of a Wednesday Night War between AEW and NXT.

Despite previously claiming he warned All Elite Wrestling (AEW) EVPs there would be an impending war with WWE, Chris Jericho has now stated there is no war between AEW and NXT.

“I am not at war with anyone at NXT,” Jericho said to Hollywood Life. “Why would you start a war with some minor leagues? I think we [AEW] are doing what we are doing on Wednesday night and WWE decided to counter-program with NXT.”

He explained that, for him, there is no war to be had, because he hasn’t heard of a single person in NXT. He added that there is “certainly not a war on our part because we have been doing great on our own — selling out shows and selling 10,000 tickets in five minutes without any type of war or competition.”

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Jericho argued that this perceived war only helps put more eyeballs on AEW. He added that the promotion is so focused on delivering decent shows, based on their own standard, they aren’t “worrying about whatever anyone else is doing.”

He pointed to AEW utilizing his legacy as a means to intrigue new fans who may not be familiar with other AEW talent. Jericho shared that it was important for him to “build a bridge” between those fans that know who he is, but weren’t familiar with AEW.