CM Punk Talks Possible WWE Return, Fans Asking If He’ll Make Comeback


CM Punk talked about some interesting topics

CM Punk took part in a panel at Starrcast III in Chicago on Saturday where he discussed a wide range of topics including what would happen if Vince McMahon or Triple H called him. 

“I wouldn’t not talk to them,” Punk said. “On what planet, in what other business does somebody suspend somebody else, and then they don’t come and get them after the suspension. Like, why is it up to me? It’s just a weird situation”

Punk continued by noting that he’s over it and has been for a long time as he considers it in the past. He noted that he’ll have a conversation with anybody but he’s not calling them but he would answer if someone called him. 

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He added that he thinks he had a pretty good career and nothing left that he needs to accomplish.

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Punk was also asked about fans asking if he plans to make a comeback. He doesn’t think it’s weird but rather a testament to what he’s done in the business, which is cool to him. 

Punk noted that he gets asked about a potential return often but he thinks it’s a better question than fans asking when he’s going away. 

The former WWE Champion has been heavily rumored to join AEW by fans but no reports have garnered any traction towards that possibility. Time will tell whether Punk ever makes a pro wrestling return. 

H/T to PW Torch for the transcription