R-Truth Meet & Greet Interrupted By 24/7 Title Challengers


R-Truth's SummerSlam meet and greet was crashed by Drake Maverick.

R-Truth’s SummerSlam meet and greet in Toronto yesterday was interrupted by multiple Superstars looking to win his 24/7 title. Truth was taking part in a SummerSlam event at the Metro Toronto Convention Center when both Drake Maverick and Titus O’Neil saw an opportunity to try and get the title back.

Video of the 24/7 title challenges taking place at Truth’s SummerSlam meet and greet can be viewed below:

Maverick approached Truth while dressed as a young John Cena fan. Truth then noted to those in attendance that he was a big Cena fan growing up (Truth is 5 years older than Cena).

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Truth then kicked out from Maverick’s roll-up attempt and then again when Titus O’Neil attempted a pin as well. Maverick then expressed frustration with O’Neil who promptly tossed him in a trash can.

R-Truth and the WWE 24/7 Championship

Of the 17 people who have won the 24/7 title since its inception earlier this year, only 3 have held it for longer than a day. Truth has now held the title for 59 cumulative days, Drake Maverick for 16 and Maria Kanellis for 7.