Adam Cole Calls NXT’s Debut On USA Network “The Exact Moment I’ve Dreamed Of”


WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole has claimed NXT on USA Network will be the most exciting thing on television, as well as "the exact moment I've been dreaming of."

WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole has shared his belief that the black-and-gold brand will be the most exciting show on television. 

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Cole addressed the brand’s move to USA Network saying, “NXT is going to be the most exciting show on television. We have a chance to put so many more eyes on us, and we already have a chip on our shoulder because we know how good we are. Now we want the entire world to recognize that.”

He explained how the move is the exact moment he’s dreamed of, adding “I perform best in high-pressure situations. I want TakeOvers, live television, and that feeling of adrenaline and energy inside my stomach—I feed off that. I’ve worked in a television environment before, but obviously live on the USA Network for two hours is a different animal. Of course there is pressure, but I’m really excited to get started on the work.”

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Not only is Cole the current NXT Champion, he’s also the leader of the NXT’s Undisputed Era.

For him, the most important aspect that has led to their collective success is unity. He described how they’ve known each other for over a decade and talk every single day. The friendship and camaraderie on display isn’t just for TV, he said, it’s a reflection of their real-life relationships.

NXT debuts on USA Network tonight 8PM ET.