Adam Cole Discusses Undisputed Era’s Championship Ambitions


Undisputed Era's Adam Cole has spoken about their ambitions to claim all of NXT's championship gold.

It’s no secret that Undisputed Era wants to drape themselves in NXT gold. Adam Cole is the current NXT Champion, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly hold the NXT tag team championships, and Roderick Strong has an opportunity to claim the NXT North American Championship on the black-and-gold brand’s debut on USA Network. 

Speaking with, Adam Cole recalled starting Undisputed Era on their path towards NXT domination.

“I think that was just something that I just said at one point where I talked about how I wanted Undisputed Era to have all the gold, and it was something that kind of just stuck, so it’s something that we’ve gone with kind of ever since then,” Cole said. “We’ve been adamant about saying, ‘Undisputed Era needs to get all the championships,’ and it just fits for our group. You know the tagline ‘Shock the system?’ Now, that’s evolved into wanting to have all the championship gold. I just feel like it’s a natural progression for the Undisputed Era and the next thing that we would say that we’re going to do.”

“If We’re Going To Add One Guy, It Needs To Be Roddy”

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Cole continued, explaining how Undisputed Era was originally only ever going to be comprised of himself, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. When Roderick Strong debuted for NXT, however, their mindset changed.

“I remember the three of us talking and saying, ‘Gosh, if we’re going to add one guy, it needs to be Roddy.’ He just fits so incredibly well in the group. I feel like the group was good. The group was really good with the three of us, but I feel like it’s perfect with Roderick in there, just the four of us, the way we play off each other. Many people know the four of us have known each other literally for 10 years. We’re all incredibly close. We talk every single day. We’re legitimate close friends. We travel all the time, so to have him added to the group I really feel like took the group of the Undisputed Era to the next level, for sure.”

Roderick Strong gets his chance to claim gold when he faces off against current NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream. The two clash on September 18th when NXT debuts on USA Network.