AEW World Championship Belt Reported As Found By Tallahassee Police


The AEW World Championship was reported as found.

In an update to a story which will forever be mentioned in documentaries and podcasts about AEW‘s origin, the world title belt was reported as found by the Tallahassee Police Department in a since deleted Facebook post.

The Tallahassee Police Department noted through social media that they located the title which was reported as stolen on Sunday. They even said that Chris Jericho may want to break out a “bit of the bubbly” now that the belt has been found:

The Facebook post noting the belt as found was deleted by the police department and a reporter for USA Today is stating the police are now saying they can’t confirm it is the actual belt yet.

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As of this writing, there are no other details available regarding how the belt was found.

Jericho reported the belt as stolen on Sunday and then announced a worldwide investigation from his hot tub yesterday:

“I am launching a worldwide investigation using the top private investigators in the world today to find out who committed this crime. And trust me, as the AEW Champion, I promise to regain and restore and find and reclaim the AEW Championship, and once again give you another reason to finally give me the ‘thank you’ that I deserve. You’re welcome.”

Stolen AEW World Title Report

“The victim reported the theft of his championship wrestling belt while he was eating inside Longhorn Steakhouse. The victim stated he arrived at the Millionaire Club Airport Terminal and placed the belt inside his rented limousine. The limo driver shuttled the victim to Longhorn for dinner. The victim remained at Longhorn while the limo driver returned to the airport. The victim had taken the wrong luggage from the airport and the driver took it back to the terminal. When the driver picked up the victim from the restaurant, the belt was missing. Responding officers searched the limo and airport for the belt without success. On-call CID was consulted, and forensics responded to the scene.”