Alexa Bliss On Who Was Welcoming To Her When She First Debuted


Alexa Bliss has reflected on her time in NXT, recalling that Charlotte Flair was one of the Superstars who really welcomed her to WWE.

Starting in a new workplace can be a daunting experience. In an interview with TV Insider, one-half of the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Alexa Bliss, recalled her first days in WWE. Bliss pinpointed one Superstar in particular who was one of the rare few who welcomed her to the promotion: Charlotte Flair.

“She was very welcoming,” Bliss said. “She was one of the few that was welcoming. Sarah Amato, who is an incredible coach, has always been crazy helpful. Since my first day she helped me along the way. I’m thankful to stay in contact with her.

Recalling her time in NXT, she mentioned the one-hour time slot the black-and-gold brand had on the WWE Network. She remarked that its new two-hour slot on USA Network will give NXT talent ample opportunities to shine that they may not have had before.

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“There are over a 100 talents that are there,” Bliss explained. “A lot of people we don’t see because NXT is a shorter show. You only see three or four matches per show. If you’re not featured, you’re not going to be on there for a while. I think the show being extended on a bigger stage, it gives the world a view of NXT talent they may have not had before.”

Alexa Bliss is scheduled to defend her Women’s Tag Team Championship alongside her partner Nikki Cross this Sunday. They will be competing against Mandy Rose and Sonya Devilla at WWE’s Clash of Champions event. NXT debuts on USA Network on September 18th.