Baron Corbin Details His Working Relationship With Paul Heyman


Baron Corbin has divulged his working relationship with RAW's Executive Director Paul Heyman.

During a recent interview with, Corbin reflected on his working relationship with RAW’s Executive Director Paul Heyman. He divulged that they have a “very good” relationship, based off Heyman’s fearlessness in giving Corbin feedback.

“[…] he’s not afraid to tell me if I’m doing something wrong,” Corbin explained. “He’s not going to sugarcoat things. He’s a man’s man in the sense of he’s not afraid if he hurts your feelings for me. He knows how to handle people. That’s what I relate to. That’s why I get along with Vince [McMahon] and Hunter and ‘Taker. Those guys will tell me that wasn’t good and I’m not going to get offended.”

He said that receiving feedback like that fuels him to make himself better. It makes him want to prove himself, showing them what he’s capable of.

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He continued, “Paul, I think he’s a guy that’s perfect for me because he’s going to help push the envelope of RAW, but also push my envelope as well. He’s a guy who believes in me and what I do. He’s done so many amazing things from ECW to WWE, and it’s really awesome to have a guy in control that is going to push the envelope, and it makes guys like me who want to push it very excited for what’s to come.”

With his recent victory this week, Corbin will face both Samoa Joe and Ricochet on the 9/9 episode of RAW. The winner will go on to face the SmackDown finalist to crown the King of the Ring at WWE‘s Clash of Champions event on September 15th.