Braun Strowman Discusses How He Got Into Professional Wrestling


Braun Strowman has opened up about how he became involved in pro wrestling.

Braun Strowman has shared how he got into pro wrestling in an interview with Not Sam Wrestling podcast.

Strowman recounted his interest in wrestling as a boy but admitted he had no idea about how to become a pro wrestler due to the small town he grew up in. He explained that he “wanted to, but I just didn’t know what to do.”

It wouldn’t be until he was working a nightclub in downtown Charlotte that his journey to pro wrestling would begin—though it wouldn’t be a direct path. 

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He met a few people that had competed in a Strongman competition, who noticed he was a “larger human being than normal.” They offered him an invitation to give Strongman training a try, which he accepted. This invitation and subsequent involvement in competitions would eventually catch the eyes of WWE talent scouts.

“I think I started in a little less than two years I earned my pro card in Strongman and I was in Los Angeles, California in 2012 for The World’s Strongest Man and Mark Henry was there along with [WWE Talent Relations] Canyon Ceman were there recruiting,” Strowman said. “I met them and exchanged information with Canyon, that was in September of 2012. They wanted me to come down to the FCW building since The Performance Center wasn’t around back then. They wanted me to come down to the FCW down in Tampa, Florida. I walked around and cut a promo, and they offered me a deal.”

Strowman recalled injuring himself during his final Strongman competition trying to break the world record on an Atlas Stone. He would get this injury fixed during March 2013 before moving to Orlando, Florida in July of that year to begin his time at the WWE Performance Center. 

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.