Britt Baker Discusses Issues Between Herself And Bea Priestley


AEW star Dr. Britt Bakler spoke out about her continued bad blood with Bea Priestley.

Ahead of All Elite Wrestling’s TNT premiere next week, AEW wrestler Dr. Britt Baker has admitted there is undeniable bad blood between herself and Bea Priestley. It was thanks to Priestley’s actions that Baker lost out on being involved in the inaugural AEW Women’s Championship matchup.

“I could say that I would have possibly just washed my hands with it,” Baker told WrestleZone, “but then costing me my title match, my title shot opportunity—which, from day one, all eyes have been on me essentially—because I am one of the faces of the women’s division. And that opportunity, I was essentially cheated out of it because of Bea Priestley. So now it is a war.”

She continued, “Clearly this isn’t a clean fight anymore because she hasn’t fought clean since day one. The second she stepped into the ring, she gave me a concussion. Her very first offensive move in an AEW ring was giving me a concussion. So, moving forward, I have this whole story just ingrained into my head.”

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Turning her attention to the matchup between Nyla Rose and Riho to crown the first-ever AEW Women’s Champion, Baker tells fans they might be surprised. She called Riho one of the fastest wrestlers she’s ever seen, and that if she can evade Rose’s offense she may just surprise a lot of fans by emerging victorious.

AEW: Dynamite premieres October 2nd on TNT.