Bully Ray Explains Why Making Brock Lesnar WWE Champion Is The Right Move


Bully Ray believes Brock Lesnar being the champion is 'Best For Business'

Former World Champion Brock Lesnar returned to WWE programming this week and making an appearance at SmackDown Live, he challenged the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston for a championship match.

Kofi accepted the fight against the Beast Incarnate for SmackDown’s Fox premiere and since then, people have been wondering if WWE is planning to start the new era of the Blue Brand with Lesnar as the champion.

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During the recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray talked about the upcoming bout. He said that he doesn’t think there is any way for Kofi Kingston to win and it looks like we are going to see Brock Lesnar with the WWE title around his waist once again.

The WWE Hall Of Famer went on to explain why the Beast being the champion again is a good idea, saying that Brock will bring eyes on the show and it’s best for business:

“Brock’s name is known by people who might not be wrestling fans, Brock should bring a lot of eyes to this show on Friday, he’s the biggest name, and that’s why they’re going with him. And Brock as your champion is what’s best for business right now, with your show going to FOX.”

Bully also talked about Brock’s appeal and said that the former Universal Champion is someone who makes people want to see him lose.

This is why we were invested in the storyline between Lesnar and Seth Rollins and this is the same reason why his feud with Kofi Kingston will work.

Brock Lesnar will challenge Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship during SmackDown’s Fox debut on October 4 and latest advertisements suggest that their rivalry will stretch beyond the 20th anniversary special of the show.