Chris Jericho Claims He Recruited Jon Moxley To AEW


Chris Jericho believes AEW wouldn't have gotten a lot of things if it wasn't for him

Jon Moxley is arguably the biggest star AEW has signed till now and according to Chris Jericho, he is the one who recruited the former WWE Star to the upstart promotion.

The Inaugural AEW World Champion recently had an interview with Mature Audiences Mayhem where he discussed things like the competition between his company and WWE and more.

While talking about his contributions to All Elite Wrestling, the former WWE Star said that they wouldn’t get the TNT deal if he wasn’t involved and went on to claim that he recruited Mox to the promotion:

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“If not for Chris Jericho being involved, maybe we don’t get the deal with TNT, we don’t get Jon Moxley, who I recruited, or Sammy Guevara, Dean Malenko, a couple of guys you haven’t even seen yet.”

Jericho then explained that he may not be the greatest of all time but he has the best longevity at staying at the top level in various different eras of the business.

Apart from this, Chris also talked about leaving WWE and joining NJPW. He said that he got Vince McMahon‘s blessing to compete against Kenny Omega and then extend his run for more matches.

He also discussed joining AEW and revealed that he had told Vince McMahon about the contract before signing. According to him, the boss told Jericho to take the deal.

However, he was surprised when Y2J actually signed with the promotion and after that, the company started giving everybody raises because Mr. McMahon doesn’t want anybody to leave.