Cody Details How AEW’s Television Show Will Differ From WWE


Cody has provided details on how All Elite Wrestling's television show will be different from WWE when they debut on TNT in October.

Cody has opened up about how All Elite Wrestling (AEW) intend to present their television show when it debuts on October 2nd. He detailed how their show will differ from WWE, noting that AEW wants to provide “bell-to-bell sports-centric pro-wrestling.”

In an interview with, he addressed the impending Wednesday Night Wars between AEW and NXT, admitting that AEW can’t pretend to be blind to what’s happening.

“We can’t pretend that we don’t know that’s happening,” Rhodes said, “but we were always planning our show. And have been for a long while. This isn’t a reactionary move on our part. This is what our intentions were. To be on Wednesday nights and to be on a major network with such a great partner like Warner Media and TNT. Our focus is still on providing the best AEW, providing the best alternative. We haven’t switched over to ‘Well how can we compete?’ because we already felt like we had a product that people wanted to see.”

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He added, “We want to provide bell-to-bell sports-centric pro-wrestling. That’s going to mean longer matches. That’s going to mean stories being told between the ropes. That means no invisible camera backstage. That’s gonna mean more of a live-sports approach to our product. That’s 100% what we’re doing, so I want to avoid any reactionary elements.”

Cody added that he’s not ignoring the NXT situation, but is more focused on developing and pushing AEW‘s roster of young and upcoming talent.

AEW on TNT debuts on October 2nd. WWE will air their first episode of NXT on USA Network a few weeks beforehand on September 18th.