Cody Rhodes Discusses Potential Third Hour Of Content On Wednesday Nights


Cody Rhodes suggests AEW could follow WWE's footprints

WWE uses the third hour of SmackDown Live to tape content for their on-demand service WWE Network and some latest comments from Cody Rhodes make it seem like AEW could also follow these footprints.

Cody recently had an interview with IGN, where he discussed things like NXT‘s debut on USA Network, his upcoming championship match with Chris Jericho and more.

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While talking about their TV Show, the former WWE Star explained how they will switch between stars. He explained that not every star will be on TV every week and Rhodes went on to discuss the possibility of a third hour of on-demand content:

“It will probably (be) live for people to stream on B/R Live, we have a lot of resources and we want to make sure that people can plug into the wrestlers who we signed who they’re fans of. We’re going to try and keep everybody busy.”

The former IC Champion also discussed their upcoming show on TNT saying that they want to provide “bell-to-bell sports-centric pro-wrestling.”

Expanding on his comments, Cody Rhodes explained that this will mean that their matches will be longer and the stories will be told through the bouts, in between the ropes.

AEW‘s TNT show dubbed Dynamite will premiere on October 2nd. You can watch the latest promo for the same below: