Cryme Tyme Claim They Took The AEW Championship, Challenge The Young Bucks To A Match


JTG and Shad Gaspard have challenged The Young Bucks to a matchup after claiming they were responsible for taking the AEW Championship.

JTG and Shad Gaspard, formerly known in WWE as Cryme Tyme, have challenged The Young Bucks to a matchup. 

In an upload to his Instagram account, JTG shared a picture of himself and his partner with the AEW Championship. His post is most likely in response to a tweet by Shane “Hurricane” Helms, who inferred that Cryme Tyme could have been behind Chris Jericho’s missing, and now recovered, AEW Championship.

“I don’t want to point fingers or anything, buuuuuut, has anyone seen @Jtg1284 or @Shadbeast lately? Just asking. No reason.”

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JTG accompanied his image, which features a speech bubble reading ‘Do we have your attention now’ with the following caption:  

“First off…. Cryme Tyme are not thiefs. We’re actually outstanding citizens, @shadbeast13 and I actually Re-Rack the weights and wipe down the equipment when were done at the Gym ! ! ! We are GOOD People. We have NEVER stolen anything in our entire career. That was a rumor that got out of hand. We borrowed this title to make a message. This was not a hit on @chrisjerichofozzy But a message to AEW. If you want your precious title back…. Its simple.We want The Young Bucks ? #crymetyme #aew #maketagteamwrestlinggreatagain #TAGTEAMGOATS #WRESTLING #tagteam #tagteamwrestling

Cody has previously stated that AEW has only revealed approximately 40% of its roster. With All Elite Wrestling debuting on TNT on October 2nd, could Cryme Tyme be a team the promotion might be interested in?