Drew McIntyre Undergoes Minor Surgery


Drew McIntyre is on the sidelines

WWE will be down a talent as Drew McIntyre is on the sidelines. 

Pwinsider.com reported on Monday that McIntyre is currently dealing with an injury and is out of action. As a result, he is not backstage for Monday’s episode of RAW in New York City, NY at Madison Square Garden and wasn’t backstage for last week’s show.

It was noted that the word going around amongst talent and officials is that McIntyre underwent minor surgery to help fix a lingering injury that came up after the recent tour of Mexico. 

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It should be noted that this tour came back in December but he was there late last month to promote the WWE Supershow scheduled for late November.

The belief is that both sides wanted him to get the surgery done and out of the way with the hope that McIntyre will be ready and healthy going into WWE TV in October in order to start the build towards WrestleMania 36 season next year. 

As of this writing, there’s no exact word on when he’ll return to action but it was noted that he will make a return as soon as WWE doctors clear him. This could come as soon as next week’s set of TV shows. 

Drew McIntyre Wants To Wrestle NXT UK Champion WALTER

Prior to the surgery, he had been rumored for a match against Cedric Alexander at the next WWE PPV, which is Clash of Champions. Obviously, those plans have been nixed.