EC3 Wins and Loses 24/7 Title In Manila


EC3 is now 2x WWE 24/7 champion.

EC3 won and lost the 24/7 title in quick succession today at WWE‘s live event in Manila. After today’s show in the Philippines, WWE has a show tomorrow in Shanghai, China.

EC3 pinned Truth to win the title but then was scheduled to wrestle a standard match against Chad Gable later on the card. Following Gable defeating EC3, Truth then returned and re-gained his 24/7 title.

24/7 Championship Statistics

The two title changes on today’s show in Manila were the 48th and 49th since it was introduced on May 20th, 2019. For EC3, it was his second stint with the title, though neither championship reign lasted longer than a day.

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R-Truth is now a 17x WWE 24/7 champion. He’s held the title for 78 total days as of this writing. Drake Maverick has held the title for 23 total days, Elias for 15, Maria Kanellis for 7, and several others for less than a day.

24/7 title holders for longer than a day:

  1. R-Truth – 17x champion (78 days)
  2. Drake Maverick – 6x champion (23 days)
  3. Elias – 4x champion (15 days)
  4. Mara Kannelis 1x champion (7 days)

Other multi-time 24/7 champions:

  1. EC3 – 2x champion (0 total days)
  2. Jinder Mahal – 2x champion (0 total days)
  3. Mike Kannelis – 2x champion (0 total days)