Jim Ross Responds To Criticism On Making Chris Jericho The Inaugural AEW Champion


Jim Ross does not agree that Chris Jericho is too old to be the first AEW Champion

While the Inaugural AEW World Champion Chris Jericho‘s big win at the All Out PPV was highly praised by the majority of the fans, it wasn’t free of controversy.

There are some who believe that Jericho, who is in his late 40s is too old to be crowned the first champion and during the recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Jim Ross responded to this criticism.

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Ross first expressed that as a main eventer you have to earn that spot. You should be able to deliver and the former WWE star is someone who can always deliver.

The WWE legend then went on to claim that the reasoning that Jericho is too old to be the champion is lame and their champion has name identity to be given the position:

“He’s in his late 40s – and that’s the reason that we’re not making him the champion – that’s a lame reason, our champion has name identity and it’s a name that people understand and know.

The other thing is that he can have a good-to-great match with just about anybody. That versatility is important for the champion to have. He also can handle the pressure”

Jim Ross then went on to say that Chris can do a lot of things that are going to be required for the new AEW Champion so he doesn’t have a problem with his crowning.

The WWE Legend also talked about All Out and said that he would have put a match between the ladder match and the main event which followed to allow the fans to regroup.