Jon Moxley Says He Wants To Face Minoru Suzuki


Jon Moxley says he wants to face Minoru Suzuki in NJPW.

Jon Moxley‘s next match for New Japan Pro Wrestling will take place on October 14th at King of Pro Wrestling. He’ll face Juice Robinson in a No DQ match for the IWGP United States title that night.

During a recent interview published on the New Japan website, Mox also expressed interest in working with Minoru Suzuki.

“I want to test my potential by fighting Minor Suzuki. I’d like to see what happens.”

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Also during the interview, which is currently only available in Japanese, Moxley refers to the G1 as the hardest series of matches in his career. Moxley finished the tournament with a 5-4 record after having won his first 5 matches. His first loss in the tournament came via count-out to Toru Yano.

In his final match in the round-robin, Moxley lost to Juice Robinson who he had previoulsy defeated for the IWGP United States championship, setting up the rubber-match at King of Pro-Wrestling on October 14th.

Moxley is also scheduled to face Kenny Omega at AEW‘s Full Gear PPV on November 9th in Baltimore.

Jon Moxley On Minoru Suzuki

During a previous interview with Moxley this summer for, Moxley commented on possibly facing Suzuki.

“I would love nothing more than to share a ring with him. He snaps my arm, cool, it was an honor. I snap his, and I’ve snapped the arm of the great Minoru Suzuki. So either way it’s a good result for me and the fans. That idea, it’s just two dudes who… I feel I understand him.”

He continued, The pleasure he gets out of inflicting pain, and the pleasure he gets out of being in wars. I saw him at WrestleMania weekend live and in person at an independent show. It was a wild 20 minute brawl with sweat flying everywhere and I loved it. I’m a big fan of his.”