Lio Rush Opens Up About Returning To NXT


Lio Rush returned to WWE on the September 18th, 2019 edition of NXT.

A little over a year ago Lio Rush debuted on WWE Raw as the hype man and manager of Bobby Lashley. Rush’s promo ability was praised by many upon his call up to the main roster but problems backstage eventually led to him taking a sabbatical from the company.

He made his return to WWE on the September 18th edition of NXT. Rush defeated Oney Lorcan on the show in a number one contendership match for Drew Gulak’s cruiserweight championship.

The YouTube channel for the WWE Performance Centre released the following video today of Rush speaking about his return to NXT:

Lio Rush on Returning To NXT

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“This is crazy because I’ve been in front of 80,000 people at WrestleMania and now I’m back here at NXT,” Rush says in the video. “I’m nervous as can be.”

“There’s always that thought in my head of ‘man, do I even still know how to wrestle? I haven’t had a wrestling match in almost half a year. I got into professional wrestling, to sports entertainment, to literally show the world that I’m one of the greatest and can be one of the greatest athletes, professional wrestlers, that has ever lived. No matter the age, no matter the experience.”