Mark Henry Explains How He Would Book Bayley’s Heel Turn


Mark Henry has shared how he would book Bayley after her heel turn on Monday Night RAW.

Bayley aligned herself with the returning Sasha Banks this past Monday on RAW. Her decision saw her attack Becky Lynch with a chair, turning heel in the process. 

Speaking on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry explained how he would handle this new direction for Bayley. He looked at her heel turn as being fuelled by “complete, unadulterated violence and a little jealousy.”

He explained this is something he understood, basing his take on a story from his past.

“I Was Not The Chosen One”

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“This is complete, unadulterated violence, and a little jealousy in there. I think that all of that needs to come into play, it needs to be said,” he said. “Because I was never looked at as, you know, the ‘savior,’ and this is just a little in-depth into my rearing. I was not the focal point, I was not the chosen one, if you will, my brother was. And I struggled with that my whole life, like I always wanted to be wanted like a lot of people do. I wanted people to look at me like, ‘Wow, this person can step up and save our family, help our family out.’ But I was never looked at as that person, so I worked harder to show that I was worthy of that, and that’s one of the keys to my success.”

“I think that Bayley exemplifies that, she has all the talent in the world, but yet, because somebody else looked a certain way, because somebody else smiled at the right person, that they got an opportunity and she didn’t, and I would make everybody pay for the rest of my life if I feel like you trying to steal my thunder, and I think that’s the story that needs to be told.”

He added that, if she can commit to this new character, he’s confident that fans will see a “level of competition from her that will supersede anything that she’s done to this point.”