Matt Riddle Comments On Facing Adam Cole Next Week (Video)


Matt Riddle and Adam Cole will face each other for the NXT Championship next week.

Last night on NXT, Matt Riddle defeated Killian Dain in a street fight. The win earned Riddle an NXT championship match against Adam Cole next week. After his win over Dain, Riddle locked in a Fujiwara armbar on Cole after the champion came to the ring to confront his upcoming challenger.

WWE correspondents spoke with Riddle backstage after his match last night to get his comments on challenging for the NXT championship next week.

Matt Riddle Comments On Facing Adam Cole

Cole remarked after Riddle’s match last night that the Original Bro isn’t in his league. Riddle was asked about Cole’s comments backstage.

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“I’ve already beaten Adam Cole before he was champion, and you know I’m going to beat him next week and become the new NXT champion,” Riddle said. “So it’s ludicrous for him to even say those things and I think I made him tap out tonight. And I think I heard something snap or crackle, or pop in his wrist or arm or somewhere. He’s not as big as me so once I get a hold of him, I snap him like a twig. So, I don’t know, I think those were bold statements and I think he’s going to eat his words.”