NXT Creatives Now Handling 205 Live


Officials are still undecided about the future of 205 Live

While WWE is gearing up for major scheduling change to its weekly programming in the next couple of weeks, one program they can’t seem to figure out the right spot for is 205 Live.

The company hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the future of the Cruiserweight Exclusive show and while it was recently suggested that it will be moving to Friday nights, this arrangement seems to be temporary as well.

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Dave Meltzer talked about the future of 205 Live in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio and he revealed that the NXT creatives are now also handling 205 Live.

According to Meltzer, WWE Vice President Triple H is in charge of 205 Live alongside NXT and NXT UK and the Network Exclusive series is described as “his show”.

Although as far as its move to Friday nights go, it’s said to be a temporary arrangement and officials haven’t decided if they want to continue 205 Live’s pairing with SmackDown after the Fox Network move as well.

So while 205 Live will air on Friday night next week from Los Angeles, it’s possible that the officials decide something different for the show and it either moves nights again in near future or gets canceled altogether.