NXT UK Moving Time Slot From Next Week


WWE NXT UK is moving time slots from Wednesdays to Thursdays starting from next week.

Starting from next week, WWE’s NXT UK show will be airing in a different time slot. The news was announced during last night’s episode that the show will begin airing on Thursdays at 3PM ET and 8PM BST.

NXT UK has been aired on Wednesdays at 3PM ET/8PM BST since the brand launched in October 2018. The brand gave WWE an opportunity to expand its NXT efforts, utilizing talent from all across Europe and the United Kingdom. The company even opened a UK based NXT Performance Center for Superstars to train in.

The main NXT brand recently moved to USA Network away from the WWE’s own streaming service, the WWE Network. The premiere episode was last week on September 18th. The show is currently split into two halves: the first hour is shown on USA Network; the second on WWE Network. With NXT being shown live on Wednesdays, a replay of the show is scheduled to be added to the WWE Network 24 hours after initial airing. This would see WWE NXT UK join NXT in new dedicated time slots on Thursdays.

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Beginning from next week, NXT UK episodes will be available at 3 PM ET on Thursdays. NXT will then provided on the WWE Network at 10PM ET.