Report: WWE Planning Next Draft For Next Month


The next draft is upon us.

WWE is indeed planning another draft and it’s coming up shortly. WWE has tentatively decided on dates for two new draft shows.

Dave Meltzer reported on that the draft will start on the SmackDown episode in Las Vegas on Friday, October 11. It will continue for RAW as the second night of the draft will then take place on Monday, October 14 in Denver.

Thus, SmackDown gets the first crack at picking talent. This is a way to capitalize on the exposure as it’s the second episode of SmackDown on FOX.

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By doing this, it’s a way of trying to maintain the audience that is expected to be big from the FOX premiere one week earlier.

WWE Might Hold A Draft Before SmackDown Moves to Fox

The reason behind doing the draft is a way to freshen up both shows both with talent and in other ways during October.

The draft has been rumored for quite some time now and the original belief was that it would take place before SmackDown moves to FOX. 

The company abandoned moves made back in April with the Superstar Shakeup for the large part with its introduction of the Wild Card Rule. That rule has since been abandoned as well. 

Friday Night SmackDown makes its debut on FOX on Friday, October 4 in Los Angeles.