Ric Flair Lists His Top Three Performers Of All Time


"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair has listed his top three performers during a discussion of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's recent appearance on RAW.

Ric Flair has revealed who he believes to be the top three performers of all time. He shared his views during a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, where he was discussing this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW which saw “Stone Cold” Steve Austin returning to Madison Square Garden. 

“The only problem with bringing Steve out there, who will always, in my estimation, be the biggest star in the history of the business,” Flair said. “The three biggest […] in my estimation are Hulk, Steve, and ‘Taker. They’re just three names that are gonna be synonymous, they’ve drawn huge amounts of money. But when you send Steve out there, just like they did at the RAW reunion, man, it’s just…what are you going to do? He’s unbelievable.”

He added that, if Austin hadn’t gotten injured, forcing him to retire “ten years too early,” “Stone Cold” would probably still be performing today. 

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Flair has previously stated that if he and Austin were able to feud with each other during their prime, he has no doubt they would have set box office records everywhere.

Austin was involved in a contract signing segment on Monday between WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and his opponent at Clash of Champions, Braun Strowman.