Ric Flair Says WWE Needs To Pay Him To Use “The Man” Trademark (Video)


Ric Flair is threatening legal action against WWE for their use of the term “The Man” as it relates to Becky Lynch. Flair spoke to TMZ recently and said he has tried to work out an amicable solution to the conflict with WWE but is now escalating the situation.

“I’m glad I’m having this opportunity to clear the air,” Flair says in the video. “When I first saw this go down in August of 2018, I thought ‘cool, the Man’ my gimmick versus my daughter, Charlotte. Ok, they started right after SummerSlam, I thought ‘cool’. I said ‘I’m going to make some money, it’s my trademark, they have it to use.'”

“I’ve been saying it since 1981,” he continued.

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“I got my royalty statement, I sent them a text and their lawyer, who just has no respect for me whatsoever which is something I’m not going to deal with much longer, he said ‘you’re wrong, not even close,'” Flair said.

“I sent him another text, he didn’t respond. So, I had my lawyer call and he blew off my lawyer. This is all in 2018 or January 2019.”

Ric Flair and WWE Feud Over “The Man”

The full interview with Flair can be viewed in the player below:

Flair would continue to say that his belief is that WWE does not own a trademark for “the Man” because it would be too close to the trademark he owns.

“The reason they don’t have it, my understanding is the reason they don’t have it is because it’s too close to mine,” Flair continued. “I’ve been saying ‘To be the Man’ which I have trademarked, I wrote a book “To Be The Man.'”

Flair continued to say he is a big supporter of Lynch’s, however.

“I love Becky Lynch and no one has supported the women’s division more than me as an outsider,” Flair continued. He would then say if he is awarded the trademark he’ll allow Becky to use it so long as WWE pays him for it.

“Even if I won, Becky can have it all day long but I want the company to pay me for it because I’m going to take care of my family,” he continued.