Ric Flair Signs Deal With Adidas, Promises To Take Down Nike (Video)


Ric Flair recently revealed he has signed a deal with Adidas.

Ric Flair has signed an endorsement deal with Adidas. He spoke to TMZ in a recent video and promised to take down Adidas’ biggest rival, Nike.

“Adidas thinks I’m the man,” Flair says in the video. “I just signed a deal with them and we’re fixing to make Nike the second brand, ok? It’s not going to be Air Jordan anymore, it’s going to be Air Flair, and I can’t jump!”

“Now, when anybody wearing Adidas walks into an arena they are going ‘Woooo!'” Flair continued.

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The full interview with Flair can be viewed in the player below:

Ric Flair on “the Man” Trademark

Flair also spoke to TMZ recently about the ongoing conflict he has with WWE over “the Man” trademark. During the interview, Flair said he believes the reason WWE doesn’t own a trademark for “the Man” is because it would be too close to his.

“The reason they don’t have it, my understanding is the reason they don’t have it is because it’s too close to mine,” Flair said. “I’ve been saying ‘To be the Man’ which I have trademarked, I wrote a book “To Be The Man.’”