Rush & Dragon Lee Gone From CMLL


Rush and Dragon Lee are no longer with CMLL.

Rush and Dragon Lee are both gone from CMLL. The promotion announced on Twitter that both luchadors are being released for not following company guidelines.

The belief currently regarding Dragon Lee is that he was instructed by CMLL that he was not to work PWG’s BOLA this year and did regardless. The Wrestling Observer reported that this was the reason why Dragon Lee had been removed from CMLL’s Anniversary show.

Rush posted a video announcing he was leaving CMLL shortly before the promotion announced they were firing him and Dragon Lee early Saturday morning.

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CMLL owns the rights to the names Rush and Dragon Lee. Rush is already being advertised for events under the name El Toro Blanco, however. He won the ROH World Championship last night at Death Before Dishonor.

Dragon Lee posted the following to Twitter shortly after his release, stating he gave his body to CMLL, thanked Paco Alonso, and suggested he is not happy by the situation:

The folks from LuchaBlog discussed what this situation means for all involved on a podcast which can be found here.

Rush and Dragon Lee Gone From CMLL

Dragon Lee was also a surprise addition to ROH’s PPV this weekend. He was added to the ROH TV title match against Shane Taylor, Tracy Williams, and Flip Gordon. Taylor would retain the title in the match.