Sasha Banks Says She Had Lost All Love For Wrestling


Sasha Banks opens up about her hiatus from WWE

Sasha Banks infamously walked out of WWE after WrestleMania and she returned to the company only a few weeks back during an episode of Monday Night Raw.

The former Champion spent her time away from the company trying to reignite her passion for the business and in the recent WWE Chronicle documentary; she opened up about her feelings at the time.

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Sasha recalled the time she left the company after losing the Women’s Tag Team titles and said that she had lost all her love for wrestling, despite it being the only thing she knows.

“I lost all the love I had for wrestling”

The former Women’s Champion went on to claim that wrestling had broken her spirit and it made her question who she was as a person:

“[Wrestling] really broke me, It broke my spirit and made me question my mind. It made me question who I was as a person, and the path that I was going scared me so I’m very proud in myself that I took that step to walk away from something that I love very much.”

The former NXT Star went on to say that she spent the last few months discovering herself and realising what made her happy.

She also talked about her return and said that coming back now after having the time off means that she is coming back better than ever because now she knows who she is.

Sasha Banks returned to WWE during the August 12 episode of Raw after a 4 months hiatus. She attacked the Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch upon her return and the two are currently engaged in a feud over the title.

Quotes via WrestlingInc